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If you own a landscaping business, you need supplies. If you own a landscaping business dedicated to delivering a quality service, you need high-grade landscape materials and supplies. We are committed to delivering exactly that and doing so at a good price. So, who are we? The answer would be no other than Averill Landscaping Materials INC.! What do we have to offer? Keep reading and find out!

About Our Services

For the last 25 years, our landscaping supply store has been providing local homeowners and businesses with quality landscape and lawn care materials, equipment, and other supplies. We also make supply deliveries. For more information, check our Services page!

There When You Need Us

In our vast landscaping supply inventory, you will find fertilizers, safety gear, mulch, gardening tools, mowers, edgers, leaf blowers, you name it. No matter if you are keen on doing the gardening on your own and you wish to get all the supplies you need from one store, or you would like to equip your landscaping business with everything it needs, we are here for you. Averill Landscaping Materials INC. provides landscape supply delivery services, so even if you are unable to come to us or drive the materials yourself, we will deliver them straight to your doorstep.

About Our Work Process

One of the biggest benefits of turning to our shop is the fact that we have everything you need in one place, and we make deliveries all around Tillamook, OR and the surrounding areas where we operate.

Landscape Supply Delivery

If you would like to learn more about us, and the area in and around Tillamook, OR we make deliveries to, or you wish to know if we offer a specific product, just give us a call!

Client’s Testimonial

i'd recommend

If you need any gardening tool or soil treatment product, you'll definitely find it there. The best part is, they make deliveries which has saved me tons of time twice now. I'd definitely recommend them!

Averill Landscaping Materials INC.
Address: 5755 Alderbrook Rd, Tillamook, OR 97141
Phone: (503) 801-1214

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  • Gardening Tools
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  • Fertilizers
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